Advanced Baseball Umpire Clinic Saturday, September 14, 2024
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM TBA   Pasco or Hernando   FL
This clinic addresses contemporary umpire philosophy and mechanics, featuring a controlled scrimmage providing the opportunity for attendee's to experience action on the field under direction of high school championship, collegiate and professional baseball umpires. Free lunch and refreshments is provided to registered attendees. Guest attendees are welcome and asked to register by clicking the link below to receive information and updated emails as the clinic approaches.
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   About PBUmpires

"Professional Umpires for Amateur Baseball".

Peninsula Baseball Umpires is a baseball umpires' association sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletics Association (FHSAA) to umpire High School baseball in Florida as well as advanced League and Tournament baseball throughout the year.   Established in 1999, the association, is consistently rated among the best umpires in the FHSAA State Championships. PBUmpires crews have been assigned to the FHSAA State Championships Series 18 times in the last 18 years. "Constant and never ending improvement" is more than a slogan at Peninsula Baseball Umpires, it is our mission. Our members, many with collegiate and professional baseball umpiring experience, have proven time and again that they go the extra mile to provide the teams we umpire for the best qualified officials in Florida.

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David Wooldridge
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Les Saland
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Jamie Rawls
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Randy O'Connell
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2016 FHSAA State Championship Crew
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Glen Koury
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Kyle Goluba
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Gary Glover
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2016 FHSAA Championship Crew
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Andrew Girard
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Greg Caryanoff
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Randy Austin
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Baseball on Grass

PBUmpires welcomes clients seeking our professional level services. Based on PBUmpires' constant training and evaluation program, our umpires strive to provide the highest level of service possible, demonstrating superior rules, mechanics and contemporay game management knowledge and techniques.

Our clients return for PBUmpires services based on their experience with our members arriving on site to start the game on time, professionally equipped, dressed and prepared to umpire to the highest level, regardless of the level of ball game.

As part of our ongoing training and evaluation program for advancing umpires, PBUmpires sponsors a fall high school league in Pasco, Hernando and Pinellas counties with no administrative charges to the teams.

Our clients have included:

  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Florida State League
  • Florida High School Athletic Association District, Regional and State Finals Series
  • Pasco County High Schools
  • Hernando County High Schools
  • Citrus County High Schools
  • Steinbrenner High School Tournament
  • Farm Bureau High School Tournament
  • PBU Summer & Fall High School Baseball Leagues
  • Various Youth & Adult Baseball Leagues and Tournaments in the Tampa Bay area

   Question of the Day!

Gump, the starting DH, is pinch hit for by Blue, a legal substitute
A: The role of DH is now terminated for the remainder of the game.
B: The DH is locked into the position of DH and can never be replaced.
C: Gump cannot return to the game.
D: Blue is now the DH.

   Training Topic of the Day!

2-Base Awards 46

Baserunning Award Table


The Batter and all Runners are awarded two bases from the Time of the PITCH when:

(1) A live batted fair ball bounces out of play or lodges in or under a fence; or (2) The First Throw by an infielder leaves the field of play or lodges in a or under a fence; or

The Runners are awarded two bases from the time of the PITCH when a live batted ball is caught and intentionally carried into dead ball territory.

The Batter and all Runners are awarded two bases from the Time of the THROW when: (1) A subsequent (not the first) throw by an infielder or any throw by an outfielder leaves the field of play or lodges in or under a fence; or

The Batter and all Runners are awarded two bases from the Time of the INFRACTION if the penalty is not ignored when: (1) A live thrown ball or pitch is touched with an illegal glove or mitt; or (2) A live thrown ball is touched by detached player equipment which is thrown, tossed, kicked or held by the field.

   Got what it takes? Become a Member!

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PBUmpires is always looking for people interested in learning how to umpire above the youth baseball level and join the premier umpire assocation in the Tampa Bay area. We form New Umpire Clinics each Fall and Spring.  New Member training sessions have been held at Spectrum Field (formerly Brighthouse Field) in St. Petersburg and regular meetings and field clinics are generally held in Pasco County.

New Member training sessions consist a day (or series of week nights) of presentations and discussions learning baseball rules and how to apply them. You'll learn that most TV commentators are wrong about the rules quite often.  A second day (or series of week nights) will be dedicated to learning on the field, the 60', 70' and standard baseball field mechanics and the subtle differences between them. A third day will be spent umpiring games being mentored by highly experienced high school, collegiate and professionally experienced umpires dedicated to passing on the best information and skills of the craft to the next generation. Upon demonstrating a sound aptitude for the game and officiating it, you'll be invited to attend the New Member Orientation where you'll assume the mantle of PBUmpire!

Umpires certified by the FHSAA or another similar state high school certification organization, may be invited to attend the "Try Out Day", based on their level of certification and documented experience.

What we provide our members:

  • Superior rules, contemporary field mechanics and professional game management training.
  • Continuing Professional Education via:
    • Professional quality online member portal:
      • Rules and association resources.
      • Rules and mechanics presentations, quizzes, games and videos.
      • Association News, Event Schedule, Photo Roster, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Blog and Online Store.
  • Minimum of 10 member meetings and clinics led by collegiate & professional level umpires.
  • Objective online evaluation program with guidance to improve to the next level.
  • Game Assignment Opportunities (based on evaluated ability):
    • Select youth and adult league and travel baseball in Pasco, Pinellas and Hernando Counties;
    • High School Baseball in Pasco and Hernando Counties;
    • High School Baseball District, Regional and State Playoffs;
    • MiLB Spring Training Baseball in Pasco, Hillsboro and Pinellas Counties;
We welcome all who have an interest joining PBUmpires and:
  • are at least 16 years of age;
  • own or can obtain necessary equipment and uniforms*
    * Military Veterans may qualify for grant assistance from Battlefields to Ballfields;
  • own or have access to reliable transportation;
  • are available to work evenings and weekends;
  • have the desire to learn how and effectively umpire to superior standards.
  • 1. Click the Become a Member image (left) and submit an online application.
  • 2. Complete the new member online Orientation, Training & Eval Program (OTEP).
  • 3. Pass the baseball rules exam and field evaluation and you're on the field!

   Upcoming Meeting/Training Events

Day/Date: Event: Location/Notes:
  • Thu 02/29/2024 Stream Mitchell @ Springstead See Member Portal
  • Fri 03/01/2024 Stream: Lecanto @ Central See Member Portal
  • Mon 03/04/2024 Stream: Bishop McLaughlin @ River Ridge See Member Portal
  • Tue 03/05/2024 Stream: Hernando @ Weeki Wachee See Member Portal
  • Fri 03/15/2024 Stream: Hernando @ Sprintstead See Member Portal
  • Tue 03/19/2024 Stream: IMG @ Bishop McLaughlin See Member Portal
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